Truck accessories and safety equipment

Maintain compliance and meet the latest safety regulations

Do you want to ensure your commercial vehicles meet the latest compliance regulations? Or perhaps you’d like to take advantage of the latest safety features? 

As a commercial vehicle safety leader, we’ve worked with numerous businesses over the years to ensure they have the vehicle accessories they need to operate their vehicles safely, quickly and easily on work sites.

Vehicle compliance kits

These packages are designed to help businesses comply with the FORS, CLOCS, London Safer Lorry Scheme and Crossrail safety standards that have been implemented across UK construction sites and restricted traffic areas. Find out more>

Reversing camera kits

This technology has been specifically developed to help increase visibility for drivers, make reversing easier and reduce the risk of accidents occurring, particularly on busy work sites where the risk of workers stepping into blind spots is high.

Tow bars

We supply and fit a wide range of high quality commercial vehicle tow bars from all of the leading manufacturers. Our tow bars are Type Approved, where applicable, come with a lifetime guarantee and are mounted to the fixing points that are specified by the vehicle manufacturer. 

Bespoke safety features

As commercial vehicle safety pioneers, we’ve also created a number of industry-leading vehicle accessories to help reduce the risk of injuries. They include our:

Pull-out Platform Step & Yellow Grab Handle on a Curtainsider

By adding an extended platform landing area to the top rung, the uppermost point of contact is increased fivefold. Admission to your vehicle has never been easier or safer.

Fall Restraint Safety Harness

The unique retractable blocks that are linked to the operator through an elevated longitudinal track, allow a full spectrum of movement, but also snap into action when an irregular amount of force is applied.

Pull-out Platform Step & Yellow Grab Handle

By adding an extended platform landing area to the top rung, the uppermost point of contact is increased fivefold. While the extended yellow grab handle can create an expanded contact area of up to 720mm.

Safe 'T' Drop System

The award winning system includes a safety lanyard, link to the operator vehicle and an extension aid to increase ease in deployment.

'V' Groove Rave & Drop Link Lashing Ring

With a 2.5tn rated and tested capacity, overload strapping can be pushed right up to 5tn. The design allows for an unobstructed securing point to the bed level of an open-sided vehicle.